Slack Line for Seniors?

A few years ago while on a family vacation at the Outer Banks we came across some young people learning Slack Line.They had attached the one-inch wide strap to two posts in the park and were walking or trying to walk on that line.

Since I was beginning to have some balancing issues, thinking about slack-lining was the furthermost thing from my mind. A year later, my son, Michael, came for a visit and immediately attached a slack line to two trees in our yard. He mounted the line and started walking on the line. It looked easy when he got up on the line. I was impressed! Next, Michael asked if I wanted to try. Of course, I said yes and asked how to get up. He said, “Don’t pause – just step up on the line and take my hand for balance“. When my foot touched the line, my leg immediately went into uncontrollable shaking. Better quit before I’m on my back on the ground. Continue reading

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Lower Limb Muscle Mass & Visceral Fat Mass

Some interesting research with a helpful conclusion:

Association of lower limb muscle mass and energy expenditure with visceral fat mass in healthy men
Shusuke Yagi1*†, Muneyuki Kadota1†, Ken-ichi Aihara2, Koji Nishikawa3, Tomoya Hara1, Takayuki Ise1, Yuka Ueda1, Takashi Iwase1, Masashi Akaike4, Michio Shimabukuro5, Shinsuke Katoh3 and Masataka Sata1

* Corresponding author: Shusuke Yagi

† Equal contributors
Author Affiliations

Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2014, 6:27 doi:10.1186/1758-5996-6-27

Published: 26 February 2014

A high-calorie diet and physical inactivity, an imbalance between caloric intake and energy consumption, are major causes of metabolic syndrome (MetS), which manifests as accumulation of visceral fat and insulin resistance. However, the lifestyle-related factors associated with visceral fat mass in healthy men are not fully understood. Continue reading

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Tips for Fat Busting Meals

Follow these tips for Fat Busting Meals:

1. Avoid grains, including corn.

2. Avoid potatoes and other white foods, like white rice, sugar and salt.

3. Try making protein the focus of each meal.Proteins It kicks your metabolism into higher gear. All meats, fish and poultry are the real “guilt-free” foods. The protein will help you handle insulin better, build muscle and repair tissue-all essential for staying lean and preventing diabetes. Continue reading

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80/20 Principle

8020I often quote the 80/20 principle–which states that, for many events, roughly 20% of the effort produces 80% of the results. In business, the 80-20 rule is used to help managers identify problems and determine which operating factors are most important and should receive the most attention based on an efficient use of resources. Resources should be allocated to addressing the input factors which have the most effect on a company’s final results. Continue reading

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Risk Vs Benefit

riskvsbenefitRecently I was challenged to consider risk vs benefit while teaching a group fitness class. We all seek “low risk” enjoyment and activities and some may think there is “no risk” in what they are doing. Every activity involves a risk vs benefit ratio which we may not consider when we plunge into some new activity.

When I decide that I want to improve my strength so I can lift my grand children or the grocery bag without help, I need a program that produces results. Continue reading

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I am talking about vitamins, not grades!! Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D is good for your health!! vitDgoodBut many people are deficient in this important vitamin. In the past, sun exposure was the main source of Vitamin D since our skin synthesized it from the sun. However deficiencies in Vitamin D are being increasingly recognized due to living in a temperate climate, use of sun screens, advancing age, even darker skin. Not easily supplied by diet – dietary Vit D is mostly found in fortified milk and egg yolk.

Continue reading

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Each few years I take a CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) course to keep up my certification for teaching. It was interesting to discover that there is a better and easier to do CPR. This new way is simple enough that all of us can and should learn by watching the following video:
Continue reading

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Strength for tired Seniors

While pushing myself to use more effort in my workout, I found myself looking around the gym to find someone like Eddie to encourage or push me to complete my lifts. I was doubting that I had what it took to complete the final set of some heavy lifts.miketdeadlift
The following story about a tired runner in Great Britain encouraged me to re-think just who my daily exercise partner is. Continue reading

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Curry Coconut Chicken (Crock Pot)

We’re always looking for healthy, nutritious meals that are easy to prepare. In addition it is always a bonus if we can prepare enough to freezw some for some extra meals. This Crock Pot meal fits the bill. Continue reading

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Thai Chicken & Noodles

Some have asked if I could add some of my favorite healthy recipes to the Blog. This first effort to link my Evernotes to the site currently lacks printing capabilities. I’ll let you know when it will print. * Update–follow the below link to Good Housekeeping. Scroll to the bottom of the article where you will find a printer icon. Click on the printer Icon.

See Ya in Class

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