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How To Improve Memory

Since I often comment, while leading an exercise class, that typing on a computer does your posture no good, I was surprised to discover that a Mayo Clinic researcher had some good things to say about using a computer. Dr. … Continue reading

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Crossfit Fitness Standards

Intro My discussion about senior fitness with Coach Andy Handle of Crossfit Charlotte is still fresh in my mind. He asked what I wanted to get out of Crossfit? I replied that I taught a “SilverSneakers” chair based class for … Continue reading

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Bending The Aging Curve

Dr. Joseph F. Signorile wrote Bending The Aging Curve to help seniors slow the physical decline that can accompany aging. Possibly the most helpful tools are a series of tests that will allow a trainer to assess the clients’ strengths … Continue reading

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Finding the Weakest Link

In my experience, I seldom think about my weakest link until that link fails. Recently I was doing step-ups with dumbbells in my hands preparing for a backpacking trip into the Grand Canyon. It was surprising to find that before … Continue reading

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Keep Moving

As we plan for this new year, I’m sure that most at least consider our fitness goals for the New Year. No I’m not talking about getting a sleek body to show off a tan at the beach next summer. … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Interventions

A recent article in The NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICINE compares two weight-loss interventions on 425 obese people with at least one cardiovascular risk factor. The mean age was 54 years old. Outcomes were compared between each intervention group and … Continue reading

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Clear Goals Help an Exercise Program

Last week my son Michael sent an invitation email to me and my Grandson. The message had some dates next Spring for a week long backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. Attached to the message was a check box for … Continue reading

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Pills and Ills

The other night I was taking my bedtime pills – 2 Tylenol, and 2 much smaller ones. This time I took them with a fiber drink that had already started to thicken. Apparently they were not all down when I … Continue reading

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Back to New Balance (Shoes)

After years of running in New Balance shoes, I damaged both my feet on a long training run while preparing for my second marathon. Early in the morning I laced my shoes tight (thinking that would keep them tied) and … Continue reading

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Navy Nutrition

Can a diet recommended for the elite US Navy SEAL teams also be good for Seniors? Navy SEAL Video | Navy SEAL BUD/S Training Nutrition.  

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