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Stoning The CrowsAs we plan for this new year, I’m sure that most at least consider our fitness goals for the New Year. No I’m not talking about getting a sleek body to show off a tan at the beach next summer. In fact I’ve all but given up on the tan business after my third surgery to remove skin cancer from my arms and back. I’ll settle for whatever vitamin D I get from being outside in the winter and a vitamin D supplement.

I’m talking about health/fitness as they relate to us seniors. While conventional wisdom says “You deserve to slow down and take it easy”. or “You should enjoy your golden years by rocking on the front porch – not working”. Or your doctor may say, as one recently did to me, after you tell him/her about your achy shoulder muscles, stop doing those exercises. Seek out a doctor who will be a partner in your health maintenance, one who may say “Why not try these alternative exercises while we work on getting those muscles and joints back in shape so you can keep active”.

Health and fitness comes through work! Moving this body around is work. The more we move, the more we produce work or power, the fitter and healthier we become or at least we can maintain what we have. When well meaning friends and or our achy muscles or arthritic joints tell us to take it easy, we need a good accountability partner to help us keep on moving, playing, working, exercising every day. Having this kind of partner is probably the best and easiest way to keep us motivated to keep moving. We help each other.

Remember Delayed Onset Muscle-Soreness (DOM) comes around 24 hours after the workout and last up to two or more days. Rest those muscles until the soreness is mostly gone. Any immediate pain or soreness during exercise is an indicator to stop what you are doing.

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About Vic

As a retired Commercial/Missionary pilot and administrator, I started taking SilverSneakers® classes in 2007. Although I had kept up minimal jogging and biking, I had little lean body mass and extra fat, so I started lifting weights and joined a Group Power barbell class. Later I was challenged to use free weights for heavier lifting and body weight exercises for flexibility and functional fitness. The SilverSneakers® Coordinator asked if I would train to teach the class. Little did I realize that it would take almost a year, four classes, a practical evaluation, plus an on-line 100 question test, to complete the certification. I am still impressed with the research and years of practical experience that has gone into the SilverSneakers® model.
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