I am talking about vitamins, not grades!! Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D is good for your health!! vitDgoodBut many people are deficient in this important vitamin. In the past, sun exposure was the main source of Vitamin D since our skin synthesized it from the sun. However deficiencies in Vitamin D are being increasingly recognized due to living in a temperate climate, use of sun screens, advancing age, even darker skin. Not easily supplied by diet – dietary Vit D is mostly found in fortified milk and egg yolk.

So what? For starters, Vitamin D is necessary for the body to utilize the calcium many of us have been advised to increase in our diet for strong bones. Not only is osteoporosis implicated in Vit D deficiency, but also its lack may have adverse affects on immunity, diabetes, fibromyalgia, cardio-vascular diseases, neurologic conditions, muscular weakness and increased risk of falls.

 The solution is simple: Vitamin D3 is sold over the counter and is very cheap. For starters, ask your medical provider to test you for Vit D level. This is a common test. If you are very low, you will need to take larger amounts to get your level into the normal range. Then take a maintenance dose of 1,000 – 2,000 international units a day. This is one easy, cheap way to enhance your health.

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My career has been in nursing, a nurse practitioner more recently. Most of my nursing experience has been in the developing country of Papua New Guinea. Upon retiring I joined Silver Sneaker classes and then included the Group Power classes. After a total knee replacement this last May, I am finding returning to the Silver Sneaker classes to be extremely beneficial in getting my knee to optimal functioning again.
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