Tips for Fat Busting Meals

Follow these tips for Fat Busting Meals:

1. Avoid grains, including corn.

2. Avoid potatoes and other white foods, like white rice, sugar and salt.

3. Try making protein the focus of each meal.Proteins It kicks your metabolism into higher gear. All meats, fish and poultry are the real “guilt-free” foods. The protein will help you handle insulin better, build muscle and repair tissue-all essential for staying lean and preventing diabetes.

4. Snack on nuts and seeds. They are a good source of protein and have Omega 3’s.

5. Avoid processed foods, trans fats, caffeine, and high fructose corn syrup. All increase insulin resistance.

6. Choose vegetables that are low glycemic.
Low glycemic carbs
7. Choose fruits such as berries and fruits you can eat with the skin on.

8. Eat a high protein breakfast every morning. It will stabilize your blood sugar and get you off to a good start.

From Dr. Al Sears

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As a retired Commercial/Missionary pilot and administrator, I started taking SilverSneakers® classes in 2007. Although I had kept up minimal jogging and biking, I had little lean body mass and extra fat, so I started lifting weights and joined a Group Power barbell class. Later I was challenged to use free weights for heavier lifting and body weight exercises for flexibility and functional fitness. The SilverSneakers® Coordinator asked if I would train to teach the class. Little did I realize that it would take almost a year, four classes, a practical evaluation, plus an on-line 100 question test, to complete the certification. I am still impressed with the research and years of practical experience that has gone into the SilverSneakers® model.
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