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Old running shoes

After years of running in New Balance shoes, I damaged both my feet on a long training run while preparing for my second marathon. Early in the morning I laced my shoes tight (thinking that would keep them tied) and set off on a 22 mile slow run. Hours later I commented to my wife (who had met me riding a bike and supplying water), “I can’t feel my feet!” The following week, a podiatrist told me I had plantar fasciitis and peripheral neuropathy and would need to wear orthotics.

Changing orthotics, new and larger shoes, shorter runs – nothing seemed to help the pain in my feet. Bicycling was the best alternative for running at that time so I started riding two to three days per week and doing some long weekend rides.

One evening my son called to tell me how the information in the book Born to Run had helped him. The following week he sent the book on to me.  When I finished the book the next step was going to Walmart and getting a pair of Faded Glory shoes which I started using in the new running form.
How I started the transition to the new running form.

It’s been over a year that I have been working on the new running form but I still struggle running faster than 14 minute miles in the flat shoes. In fact I’m so wimpy that I have difficulty walking barefoot on little round stones. Obviously I need to spend more time running while striking the ground with the ball of my foot first. Also I thought that I needed some sort of transition shoe.

NB Minimus Trail Running Shoe

The New Balance Minimus trail running shoe seemed to fit the bill. After purchasing the shoes, I wore them home.  I could actually walk in the shoe without my feet or calf aching.  My first run was one mile and then after a day of walking in the shoe, the second run was two miles in 25 minutes. There is a warning tag with the shoes that says to be careful not to use the shoes every day before getting accustomed to them.  New Balance also has a logo in the shoe “<=> lss is mor”. The shoes are about 7 oz. so are very comfortable on the feet with loads of toe room in the toe box.  Using the Pose running form is easier in these shoes than either barefoot or with other shoes. I can actually continue running on the paved road for two miles without pulling over to the grass on the side of the road.

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About Vic

As a retired Commercial/Missionary pilot and administrator, I started taking SilverSneakers® classes in 2007. Although I had kept up minimal jogging and biking, I had little lean body mass and extra fat, so I started lifting weights and joined a Group Power barbell class. Later I was challenged to use free weights for heavier lifting and body weight exercises for flexibility and functional fitness. The SilverSneakers® Coordinator asked if I would train to teach the class. Little did I realize that it would take almost a year, four classes, a practical evaluation, plus an on-line 100 question test, to complete the certification. I am still impressed with the research and years of practical experience that has gone into the SilverSneakers® model.
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