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How to Subscribe to Blog via Email
To receive notice of any new post on this Blog. Do this:
1) Find Subscribe to Blog… on right side of page below Archives.
2) Enter your email address and click on the Subscribe button.
3) Check your email for a message and confirm that you want to Subscribe.

How to Log in:
1) On right lower side of any page click on “Log in” under “Admin Links”.
2) Read all the “Profile” page before selecting options.
3) Enter your email address and a user name. This is for the Blog administrator (Vic) use only.
4) Check your “Username” (I used the standard “jvdickey”).
5) Set a “Display name” (I used “Vic”).
6) Enter your email address under “Contact Info”. This is for the Blog administrator (Vic) use only.
7) Under “Biographical Information”, please write whatever you are comfortable sharing with others. Do not include your email, phone, or address as anyone can read this.

Leaving a Reply
1) A moderator will check all comments before posting.
2) Your email address is necessary so you can receive a reply to your comment or questions.
3) Your email address is never posted or used apart from contacting you about your comment or question. When you leave a comment, you select if you want to be notified by email. Once you select that check box, any reply to your email is automatic.

Like button below each article
1) If you like a post, please indicate by:
2) Clicking on the “like” button

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