How To Improve Memory

Since I often comment, while leading an exercise class, that typing on a computer does your posture no good, I was surprised to discover that a Mayo Clinic researcher had some good things to say about using a computer. Dr. Yonas Geda, a physician scientist with Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, speculated that people who engage in both physical activity and computer use may be healthier, more disciplined individuals. Continue reading

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Crossfit Fitness Standards

My discussion about senior fitness with Coach Andy Handle of Crossfit Charlotte is still fresh in my mind. He asked what I wanted to get out of Crossfit? I replied that I taught a “SilverSneakers” chair based class for seniors and wanted to apply what I was learning at Crossfit to that senior class. After discovering that the class starts and ends seated in a steel chair, coach Andy said “We do Crossfit not Steel Chairs”.Woman with Dumbbells Continue reading

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Bending The Aging Curve

Dr. Joseph F. Signorile wrote Bending The Aging Curve to help seniors slow the physical decline that can accompany aging. Possibly the most helpful tools are a series of tests that will allow a trainer to assess the clients’ strengths and weaknesses.

I am particularly interested in the formulas for computing power output: power = force X velocity. Dr. Signorile states

all of the physiological cards of aging are being dealt against the hand held by power.

From age 65 to 90, “power declines 3.5% annually, while strength drops only 1% to 2% per year.” Continue reading

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Finding the Weakest Link

In my experience, I seldom think about my weakest link until that link fails. Recently I was doing step-ups with dumbbells in my hands preparing for a backpacking trip into the Grand Canyon. It was surprising to find that before my legs failed, my forearms and grip began to fail. I had found my weakest link for that step-up exercise. Continue reading

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Keep Moving

Stoning The CrowsAs we plan for this new year, I’m sure that most at least consider our fitness goals for the New Year. No I’m not talking about getting a sleek body to show off a tan at the beach next summer. In fact I’ve all but given up on the tan business after my third surgery to remove skin cancer from my arms and back. I’ll settle for whatever vitamin D I get from being outside in the winter and a vitamin D supplement. Continue reading

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Weight Loss Interventions

A recent article in The NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICINE compares two weight-loss interventions on 425 obese people with at least one cardiovascular risk factor. The mean age was 54 years old. Outcomes were compared between each intervention group and a control group and between the two intervention groups. The trial lasted 24 months. Continue reading

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Clear Goals Help an Exercise Program

Bright Angel Trailhead

Bright Angel Trailhead

Last week my son Michael sent an invitation email to me and my Grandson. The message had some dates next Spring for a week long backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. Attached to the message was a check box for accepting or rejecting the invitation. It took me only a second to check the accept box but as soon as I clicked the send button, the enormity of that decision sunk in. I will need to train so I can carry a 50-60 pound backpack for 6 hours a day going down and up steep trails. The Bright Angle trail (where the mules carry people and cargo) descends roughly 1,000 feet per mile for the first four miles. It is obvious to me that I will need to do a lot of hiking with increasingly heavy loads between now and next Spring. Continue reading

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Pills and Ills

The other night I was taking my bedtime pills – 2 Tylenol, and 2 much smaller ones. This time I took them with a fiber drink that had already started to thicken. Apparently they were not all down when I inhaled. It immediately became apparent that I had aspirated one or more of the pills.
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Back to New Balance (Shoes)

Old running shoes

After years of running in New Balance shoes, I damaged both my feet on a long training run while preparing for my second marathon. Early in the morning I laced my shoes tight (thinking that would keep them tied) and set off on a 22 mile slow run. Hours later I commented to my wife (who had met me riding a bike and supplying water), “I can’t feel my feet!” The following week, a podiatrist told me I had plantar fasciitis and peripheral neuropathy and would need to wear orthotics. Continue reading

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Navy Nutrition

Can a diet recommended for the elite US Navy SEAL teams also be good for Seniors?

Navy SEAL Video | Navy SEAL BUD/S Training Nutrition.

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