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Lower Limb Muscle Mass & Visceral Fat Mass

Some interesting research with a helpful conclusion: Research Association of lower limb muscle mass and energy expenditure with visceral fat mass in healthy men Shusuke Yagi1*†, Muneyuki Kadota1†, Ken-ichi Aihara2, Koji Nishikawa3, Tomoya Hara1, Takayuki Ise1, Yuka Ueda1, Takashi Iwase1, … Continue reading

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Crossfit Fitness Standards

Intro My discussion about senior fitness with Coach Andy Handle of Crossfit Charlotte is still fresh in my mind. He asked what I wanted to get out of Crossfit? I replied that I taught a “SilverSneakers” chair based class for … Continue reading

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Keep Moving

As we plan for this new year, I’m sure that most at least consider our fitness goals for the New Year. No I’m not talking about getting a sleek body to show off a tan at the beach next summer. … Continue reading

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Navy Nutrition

Can a diet recommended for the elite US Navy SEAL teams also be good for Seniors? Navy SEAL Video | Navy SEAL BUD/S Training Nutrition.  

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Paleo Diet – What’s Paleo?


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Diet and exercise work together to achieve fitness!

Yesterday while talking about weight loss with some friends, one said, “I want to report that I’ve been eating grass all week and when I weighed myself this morning, I found that I haven’t lost a pound”! Another friend replied, … Continue reading

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Challenging four element full body workout with modifications for seniors

Last Friday while attending a Group Step Aerobics class, I thought of and later found,  in the Men’s Health magazine, extra elements that would make a good fifteen minute workout. Our warm up two step-touch could be replaced with In-place weight … Continue reading

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Exercise And Hunger

Contrary to the belief of some, exercise does not increase your hunger later in the day. Research has shown that running on a treadmill for 1 & 1/2 hours a person consumed as many calories over the next 24 hours … Continue reading

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